I play guitar, bass, keyboards and been trying real hard to sing for the past 20 years! I have brutally succeeded in a few projects and at karaoke bars. But one day I’ll be the world’s greatest drummer! (even though I can’t play drums for crap :)

I find playing and listening to music fun and relaxing. I tried to make a living off of it back in mid-nineties. The band I was part of, Capital Sound, won a Juno Award in 1995 and we really believed it. We sold over 30,000 copies of our first album and saw a few of our song reach the top of the Canadian dance charts including “In The Night” which hit #1 in the summer of 1994! In 1996 we produced another album but it didn’t really work as well as the first one. So we pulled the plug and decided to focus on other things. I chose a career in Information Technology.

But, in the year 2000 I roused back with yet another electronic music project called Blue Tonic World and this one went straight to #1 in the electronic chart of and #4 on the global chart, up against Madonna and Korn! Over 1.3 million downloads so far! I was proud to be part of the Mp3 explosion. Ironically, I have learned that when you don’t take yourself too seriously things work out just fine.

Download some of my tunes for free:

Where to Buy:
I encourage everyone to visit my official BlueTonicWorld website for more info on how to get more BlueTonicWorld music from online retailers such as iTunes, Napster, MusicNow and others. As for the music of Capital Sound, you can stream some tunes & remixes from, purchase it off eBay or order the CD’s from a local music store since it’s mostly discontinued.

The following are projects I have worked on and released freely on the web within the past few year. The first two below called “The House Injection Collection 9606” and “The Trance Infection Collection 9606” are basically some of my best house and trance music I have produced between 1996 and 2006. “Project Pogo” is another album I have produced in 2006 featuring newer tracks. Enjoy!…

front_smaall front_small
The House Injection Collection 9606 (Download Suspended Temporarily) and
The Trance Infection Collection 9606 (Download Suspended Temporarily)

Project Pogo (Download Suspended Temporarily)


5 thoughts on “Music”

  1. Good news Bit,after searching for your records for about 8-9 yrs finally found first on the web.Still looking for your second.The fact that I have looked through countless thousands of cd’s says good things about the music, nobody wants to give them up.Certainly let me know if you have one to sell.Best of every thing to you and yours

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