I’m a washed-up French-Quebecois artist who still occasionally dream of making millions selling non-sense music and who also loves technology, movies, my baby girl and my girlfriends’ beautiful smile. I’m also known to bitch a lot about people/situations/things in general but most of the time it’s just for fun except when I express my hate for the Government, this so-called civilized society that we live in and pop culture.

Real name: Unknown
Place of birth: Hull
Eyes: two
Hair: dry
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Thai
Favorite drink: Water
Favorite actor: Christoph Waltz
Favorite actress: Margot Robbie
Favorite music: House, Electronic, Rock, Classical, Chill
Favorite band: Underworld
Favorite female singer: Tori Amos
Favorite male singer: Matthew Good
Favorite song ever: Right in the night (Jam & Spoon)
Favorite movie of all time: Too many!
Favorite TV show: Big Bang Theory
Favorite animal: Rabbit, Dog
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite hobby: Stare at the wall
Favorite music instrument: Classical guitar
Favorite sport: Formula 1
Favorite magazines/books: Technology, Sociology, Spirituality
Favorite video game of all time: Half-Life 2
Best night of my life: Energy Rush II in Toronto, 1994
Hope: World peace, just like Miss Universe
Fear: Being left alone on earth
Best quality: Insane
Pet Peeve: Being ignored & being lied to
Worst behavior: Impatient
Naughtiest habit: Smoking
Political standing: Fuck politic. Politicians are totally useless & irrelevant. They serve nothing but themselves and the corporations they represent. Doesn’t matter whom you vote for. Nothing ever change. Pessimistic I am? No, realistic.
Favorite quote: It’s only when you lose everything that you’re free to do anything
How would I like to be remembered: Have my face printed on dollar bills.

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BitBurn & Computers

I have been using computers for over 25 years. My first experience with a computer was back in the early nineties where I was creating music on the Atari ABC 386 DX system running DOS 5.0. But it’s in 1997 that I bought my first personal computer running Windows 95. Since then, I have had several computers and ran all flavors of Windows. Then in the year 2000 I bought an Apple iMac, then an iBook in 2001 and in 2003 also tried a Powerbook G4 but didn’t caught on too much until January 2007 when I got my hands on a Mac mini.

I truly enjoy all computers but I must say my favorite operating system is, to this day, Mac OS X. Sometimes I ask myself what is it about a Mac that I love so much? Well let me just put it this way: It’s the only computer you can sit in front of, not doing much, and still highly enjoy it because it so damn beautiful! I mean literally from hardware design to the software. Not only is it elegant and pretty to look at but because it operates smoothly without hiccups and it’s got class; something Microsoft Windows lack of. It’s designed by people who cares about technology and for them good enough is not good enough.

Think a Mac is too expensive? Look, you can spend $700 for a complete computer package from Gateway or HP and what you will get when you start it up is this: Various demos and Norton or McAfee anti-virus-30days-trial and MS-Office-30days-trial, shitty performance (and trust me that is very true) OR you can buy a complete Mac package for $1000 and enjoy a true computer experience, no demo bullshit & no stupid trialware. But, most importantly, once you’ve mastered the mac environment, you will thank me for switching ;-)

I own a MacBook Air, iPad 2017, Asus Zenbook UX 31a, Moto Z2 Play, iPhone 8, iTouch & Apple TV.

Site build: 031118

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3 thoughts on “About”


    Monday, October 13th 2008 – 06:43:36 PM

    Thanks Normand!

    Friday, October 3rd 2008 – 11:04:44 PM

    Hi, Great site very good music, in 94 that was awesome! Today is greater, Gratz!

    Tuesday, March 11th 2008 – 02:00:58 AM

    heheh salut mon Pat!

    Wednesday, January 30th 2008 – 04:03:50 PM

    Hey MB, Ca va? Nice job with the new look N feel of Bitburn.org. I like it! Are you still living in Gat? Anyway buudddyy, keep the musik flowing man. Later PS Hint INAC

    Tuesday, November 6th 2007 – 10:29:36 AM

    Your music is amazing, really heartfelt stuff

    Monday, August 27th 2007 – 03:56:31 PM

    Hey! Hows it going!? Just found your site a couple weeks back and im sure im goin to tell you something that your tired of hearing BUT.. the music from Capital sound ROCKED!! I think its pretty sweet that im leavin a message to someone that was actually from the band. Im actually tryin to get into the music industry. I produce and sing techno/dance. Who knows if it will happen *crosses fingers* but im also a Multimedia Graphic designer. Recently graduated so hopefully i get involved in somethin good soon. Anyways..i dont mean to take up all this space. lol So ill stop. Again, i think the music you did was AWESOME!

    Sunday, August 19th 2007 – 02:18:25 PM

    //jacques hamel
    sallue les mr.burn sa vas biiens ses moi le grand cousins, de celine guindon jai bien aimer ton cite allore jaimerais bien avoire de ta musiques poure la maison cher moi poure les party aussi je laisse mon e-mail ok jonathan1137@sympatico.ca appell pierre ou viens faire un toure sallues chiow.

    Tuesday, August 14th 2007 – 01:52:18 PM

    Message to Cameleon…mmhh who are you?!

    Tuesday, May 22nd 2007 – 12:35:02 AM

    mmh…Cameleon? D. ? ;-)

    Thursday, May 17th 2007 – 10:33:01 PM

    Hey Bitburn, so are you still working for the government ? Do you still got that little Honda Shadow of yours ? Cool blog by the way… Just bought a Mac to run my music program as you told me… much better !!! Thank you man

    Wednesday, April 4th 2007 – 06:58:49 AM

    Hey gunso, l�che pas ! C’est pas mal cool ton stuff, reste comme tu es. Cr�atif et un peu singl� !!

    Saturday, February 3rd 2007 – 02:10:26 PM

    Hey Martin; So you showed me this site and I decided to surf it today. The tunes sound awesome , I even thought id advertise , the sound is all through my apartment. Pretty cool !! Anyway; ttyl; Mat

    Saturday, January 13th 2007 – 08:21:17 PM

    //Annie,Yan et �liane
    Salut Martin,bonne ann�e et on a h�te d’avoir de tes nouvelles.bon site en passant.

    Tuesday, January 9th 2007 – 04:05:01 AM

    //Jos�e” Me Fin ”
    Bin oui mon Martin…Happy New Year…

    Monday, January 1st 2007 – 12:32:06 AM

    happy new year mutha fucka!

    Wednesday, December 13th 2006 – 10:18:36 PM

    You rock dooogg!! what’s with that trance infection shit? lots of old material there but I like it ;-)

    Sunday, December 3rd 2006 – 10:30:06 AM

    I see you finally posted your best trance stuff…when is the best of house coming out?

    Monday, October 23rd 2006 – 07:14:03 PM

    //Constantine Vishnevsky
    Sorry for my english, all the brakes was automaticly taken off.

    Monday, October 23rd 2006 – 07:08:23 PM

    //Constantine Vishnevsky
    I like Ambient music it is my source of ideas and good mood. And Your music is a definition for Ambient. It makes to relax, think, dream, the most important – it gives something new. Something different, something that makes moment more interesting, takes away from everyday. Though I’m not big fan of House and dance music I’ve listened, all of Your songs I found, a lot. Every song has it’s style and they fit togather. No matter how much of Ambient heard before, hearing Your music makes imposible to say -“Here it goes – another one…”. It’s a music for good, experienced artistic taste. As a designer, searching for ideas, I compare everithing visualy, trying to find visual equivalent for every thought, every sound. I was amazed when first saw Your site. The site style, pictures was perfect interpretation of what I thought your music “looks like”. I don’t know if you have some music video (if You do have and it is available online – could you please post some link?) Though it’s not good for any artist to create too predictible (in this case too closely interpretating your music or inspired from it’s ideas) art, I would be honoured to create some videos with your music. kivig(at)inbox.lv

    Tuesday, September 19th 2006 – 04:42:33 PM

    //Darlene Nicci
    j’ai bien aimez le video de capital sound a toronto…merci bb xo!

    Thursday, September 7th 2006 – 01:33:24 PM

    //Val�rie C�t�
    Hey salut vous autres! Je vous dit un ti-bonjour de Sherbrooke! (Je suis la fille de Jack (C�t�) en passant!) Bon 8e anniversaire pour Nostradamus!

    Saturday, August 26th 2006 – 04:48:59 PM

    Salut //eurodanceboy !!! Merci pour les compliments sur la compile. Et oui c’est bien Donna qui a repris le couplet dans In the Night! Et pour le video bein j’ai toujours pas de nouvelles…A +

    Thursday, August 3rd 2006 – 09:37:51 AM

    Gros Merci Bitburn:P vraimemt sympa de ta part:P vraiment hate de voir ca:P Merci:P En passant j,Ai achet� le cd best of capital sound 3 box set, vraiment cool;P surtout le remix de Tell me:P pis aussi la version de in the night ds le monster mix:P c’Est tu donna qui a repris le couplet de nath ou c’est moi qui allucine lol:P gros merci encore

    Friday, July 28th 2006 – 08:17:24 AM

    //Robert T (keyboardist for Audrey P.
    Hey dude; nice to have heard the good news about the successful Capital Sound concert in T.O. Hope to bump into you you soon. Ciao

    Saturday, July 22nd 2006 – 12:30:11 PM

    Message pour //eurodanceboy: En effet, nous attendons le video du spactacle film� � Toronto! Il sera disponible ici bient�t ;-)

    Tuesday, July 18th 2006 – 04:06:39 PM

    I really Love your music man. You’re a very talented man and i’m 100% positive that you could go very far in the music buisness. (Im not talking about Capital Sound) Wake up! Stop doing everything just for fun. Be yourself, be serious. I know you can do it. I know you alot more than you think.

    Tuesday, July 18th 2006 – 03:04:22 PM

    //Jason E Davis – eurodancehits.com
    Hello there … I would like to put you in contact with BPM TV Canada’s programming department to include your videos and get promotion through them on air. Can you kindly email me at : jason_davis_eurodancehits@rogers.com Cheers, Jason E Davis / Editor EURO-NRG Division / http://www.eurodancehits.com

    Tuesday, July 18th 2006 – 02:14:35 AM

    allons-nous avoir la chance e voir un extrait du show a toronto:P ou extrait love en mp3:P

    Monday, July 17th 2006 – 06:47:26 PM

    //Lorette Roxxy’s Mom
    long time no see BRAVO.

    Friday, July 7th 2006 – 02:19:40 PM

    //Sly SnoWake
    Bonjour grosse BIT! Tu danse bien dans tes clips des ann�es 80! Merci pour ta recette de sucre � cr�me! P.S. Fait attention aux Peanuts sur le tapis… Guit

    Wednesday, May 17th 2006 – 12:13:41 AM

    Message to Menelique: You can find some Capital Sound music here: http://www.soundclick.com/capitalsound Cheers!

    Friday, May 5th 2006 – 03:10:26 AM

    Yo are the man!!! Capital sound is he best…. Thank you for this page… I want to put “in the night” on my myspace page, do you know how? Let me know please…….. and1handle19@yahoo.com

    Monday, April 17th 2006 – 08:35:31 PM

    //Karine “KDJ”
    Dear BitBurn, Thank you very much for visiting the Eurodance Encyclopaedia and for your mail and very nice compliments. I am glad and honoured you enjoyed my website. I tried to answer you by mail but every attempt was rejected by your antispam. I will add the infos about your new project to next week’s Encyclopaedia update. I am also starting to build a biography about you, if you wish you can send me all the infos you would like to see displayed on it, as well as a photo. By the way, a big kiss to Marcel, he looks so cute. Best regards Karine http://www.eurokdj.com

    Friday, April 7th 2006 – 12:35:24 PM

    //Nick / Pico’s son
    Capital Sound..Euh.. yeeaahh .. _______________________________ Mental le Blog! _______________________________ Jaimerais sa jammer un autre moment donner :D Nick

    Thursday, April 6th 2006 – 03:53:08 PM

    Grreat site. Love the Pogo stuff by the way ;)

    Saturday, February 18th 2006 – 02:44:00 PM

    Ton blog est cool..surtout en fran�a! :) Capital Sound rules! …pis le CH aussi m�me si ca pas une saison de r�ve! :)

    Wednesday, January 25th 2006 – 03:15:52 AM

    Thank you all again for visiting my web site! It’s always nice to read some nice comments. I’m working my ass here damn it! ;-) Enjoy your visit!

    Monday, January 23rd 2006 – 08:08:46 PM

    Hey buddddyyyy!!!!!! Time we get together eh!! So, you are changing things are you…..Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve! See you next weekend at the BIG party!! Tell MV I said “Hello!”

    Tuesday, January 10th 2006 – 03:53:33 PM

    //Socrates Firedancer400@hotmail.com
    hey just stopping by to say hi once again as I am still listening to your music on a regular basis. Its on my mp3 player and pc and on cd which i bought long ago in 2002 from mp3.com I will continuly check up on your blog to see whats going on peace to you friend :) William Hilton age-23 Wooster Ohio – USA

    Monday, December 5th 2005 – 02:43:50 PM

    BTW c pas to� le keyboardist qui joue dans le video?!?!? heh?!?! ;)= later man

    Monday, December 5th 2005 – 02:37:48 PM

    BTW… It’s Pat from INAC O_o “Donnes moi de tes nouvelles mon to�” Later dude

    Friday, December 2nd 2005 – 07:27:42 PM

    Hello Pat, Indeed, that video is hilarious! Even the band sucks; it almost seems that they were just kidding. I kinda hope they were! :-D

    Friday, December 2nd 2005 – 10:58:06 AM

    Hey man, sup… I was watching the video (final countdown) and …hmmm… no offence but holycrap the singer sucks big time. the rest of the band sounds good but the singer… anyway. Gimme a shout!! BTW… I like your songs on soundclick.com, great house stuff man

    Friday, December 2nd 2005 – 09:16:39 AM

    //Robert T (keyboard player for Audrey Papain)
    Thanks a million to you and Michel for spearheading the Audrey Papain CD. Your hard work and collaboration is appreciated! The final mix is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tuesday, November 22nd 2005 – 06:49:32 PM

    when are you coming outt with your new album? Would really like to hear wut you come outt wit next! PEACE BRA!

    Thursday, October 27th 2005 – 10:46:14 AM

    Reply to: //David (Standard Form) A legend??? Freddie Mercury is a legend! Kurt Cobain is a legend! BitBurn is nothing more than a fragment of your imagination ;-)

    Sunday, October 23rd 2005 – 03:20:45 PM

    //David (Standard Form)
    Ur a legend dude :). Great working with u and hearing ur stuff. :D

    Tuesday, October 18th 2005 – 06:53:18 PM

    //Carl Fulli
    Love your stuff, can’t wait to hear the new songs. Keep up the good work!

    Friday, October 14th 2005 – 11:11:16 AM

    cool site mate…ciao from Austria….love from above ;)

    Tuesday, October 4th 2005 – 04:10:54 PM

    Thks Bitburn it’S so cool;) I enjoy:)

    Monday, October 3rd 2005 – 06:06:11 PM

    Message pour Eurodanceboy: T’as raison, une chanson a bien �t� enregistr� avec Roxx et je viens juste de l’inclure dans le “Music Player” dans la section “Music”. �a s’appel “MV & BitBurn – Too many nights”. Alors enjoy!!! ;-)

    Monday, October 3rd 2005 – 12:34:15 AM

    oh nad btw…happy bday mann!!! ton tit monstre!xox! bonne fete bit!

    Friday, September 30th 2005 – 01:12:12 AM

    Allo Bitburn, j’aimerais savoir quelque chose lol:P. Je me souviens a voir lu sur ton site , dansles news, que tu enregistrais une nouvelle chanson avec la fabuleuse Roxxy, je souviens pas tu titre, mais je me demande si la chanson a finalement �t� r�alis�, car je n,ai jamai revu des nouvelle a propos:) Et je me demandais aussi si la chanson que tu a fais recament avec Jessica – Burning Up for love, si c’Est la meme Jessica que Bring On The Night lol; ) entoucas merci pour tout le favuleux travail que tu fais:) J,ai apreci�:) merci alp;)

    Tuesday, September 6th 2005 – 12:31:02 AM

    great new site. im excited to hear wut ur comin out wit next for BTW, im a great fan, keep up the great work.

    Tuesday, August 16th 2005 – 01:59:22 PM

    Message to //yo: Discography? Almost everything I’ve done is available all over the web now. The Music section of this site is a good starting point. I used to have a lot of CDs on Mp3.com but it�s all discontinued now since the company restructured ;-) But I’ll see what I can do…

    Saturday, August 13th 2005 – 09:17:02 PM

    hey..can you put a discography on your website please?

    Saturday, August 13th 2005 – 08:50:13 PM

    Mr. Burn, your music is such an inspiration, you have already left a legacy to a great many people who appreciate electronic music. Seriously, I don’t know how you do it. I’ve listened to a ton of electronic and ambient music over the years and I’ve never encountered a label with such soothing, refreshing beats, yet consistently original for such a long period of time. You are way ahead of your time. You have a poignant niche that no one else has. Ryan

    Thursday, August 11th 2005 – 01:03:43 PM

    hey bitburn wanted to thank you for your hardwork as btw, for sure I listen to your tunes most days i’m around the house. i clean house to it jog to it and frag on video games to it :) I did buy your albums off mp3.com quite awhile ago but I think its really cool that you put out your ” now old stuff ” to the public for free. Shows heart man I hope everything works out for you as a musician and you make it big some day :) gg

    Wednesday, July 27th 2005 – 11:47:31 AM

    slt martin c’est moi ton frere appel moi bientot ok mon gros donut byeeeeeee

    Wednesday, July 13th 2005 – 10:53:07 AM

    yo chief!!! cool site dude. I’ve just picked up your new Btw cd and it’s smoooooooth! haa waz with the 4 balls?! ;)

    Sunday, June 26th 2005 – 11:23:44 PM

    Well I m really excited with your new album ‘Homecoming’, great album cover! Im also glad your finally doin some more on The Fruitloops!!!!

    Sunday, June 19th 2005 – 02:34:59 PM

    enfin capital sound back ;P

    Monday, May 30th 2005 – 01:58:38 PM

    //nadine lol
    i’ve just purchased your new “homecoming” of blue tonic world and i’m in heavan! thankx you;-)

    Saturday, May 7th 2005 – 01:16:18 AM

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking the time to sign my guestbook and all the kind compliments!! That is very nice of you ;-)

    Friday, May 6th 2005 – 05:01:31 AM

    Oh Wow! I downloaded heaps from MP3.Com in 1998 here in Australia (should have been working at the time) All I can say is “outstanding !” being an old (47) keyboard player with a mortgage and a Porsche you made me feel alive again. Blue Tonic World ROCKZ !!

    Saturday, April 30th 2005 – 08:49:33 PM

    Hey bit, niice site mann! New renovations did some good! Live life, and remember…MREH!HERM

    Sunday, April 17th 2005 – 05:26:40 PM

    //your sisterrrr
    slt tifrere pas mal cool ton site tu m’impressionne toujours,lache pas.

    Thursday, April 14th 2005 – 03:43:00 PM

    //Line Noise
    Hey, Just giving you a hello. I remember downloading some of your tracks back in the mp3.com days, and just ran across your site again. You have some great tracks;0 cheers, Line Noise Lacedmilk Tech Lacedmilk.com

    Tuesday, April 5th 2005 – 10:38:38 AM

    great site mate!

    Sunday, March 6th 2005 – 10:13:13 PM

    Your music rules, esspecially bluetonicworld, its all on my playlist for winamp, keep putting out more because it freaking rocks!!!

    Saturday, March 5th 2005 – 11:52:43 PM

    Y� pas mal sharp ton site Martin. Chu content de voir que tu fais toujours de la music. Quand est-ce que tu viens souper chez-nous?

    Wednesday, March 2nd 2005 – 05:15:27 PM

    //Louise Malette Guindon
    Pas mal cool ton site Matin. I’m impressed…… Matante Loulou

    Monday, January 31st 2005 – 02:07:25 AM

    I want to say that your music is beautiful! Keep the good work!! I hear your songs since MP3.com and very frecuently period!!!!

    Thursday, January 27th 2005 – 07:13:40 PM

    //donne a person
    Nice site Bit Burn. I sure miss ya!! Your stuff just keeps getting better and better…..

    Thursday, January 27th 2005 – 06:03:30 PM

    It would be close to impossible for me to pick a favorite, all of your music is totally awesome! I have been listening for a few years.

    Wednesday, December 29th 2004 – 10:24:35 AM

    //Solaris Musici
    Ive been jammin to your tunes from way back and in love with BTW (especially that tune Deeper Down The Deepest Dream)! It would be nice to have you preform at a local rave out here, for the chillout area (unless you rock it on trance too). Keep in touch if you can, i produce as well, trance and ambient, and i’m doing Live Performance as well! plur bro! Great work!

    Wednesday, December 22nd 2004 – 04:43:15 PM

    criss man… t’as encore chang� ton site… c kool!! … tu devineras pas c qui… hint, hint!! tu m’as “donn�” quel software pour faire ma musique electronique… qui suis-je??? bahahaha cya l8tr

    Friday, December 17th 2004 – 10:18:19 AM

    i like BTW a lot and cant wait on the new album…yah…wickedx!

    Sunday, December 12th 2004 – 12:13:39 PM

    //mugu parker
    all guy men keep off

    Friday, November 19th 2004 – 01:03:31 AM

    Again, thank you all for signing my guestbook. For questions related to BlueTonicWorld, please just visit that section accessible from the menu.

    Friday, November 12th 2004 – 09:16:30 AM

    Your music RULES! my favourite – “Foregiveness in her eyes” Where can i find FULL list of your-made music?

    Tuesday, October 26th 2004 – 02:59:55 PM

    Hi! Browsing your site is a pleasant exerience. Your music is great!… Peace

    Tuesday, October 26th 2004 – 01:36:40 AM

    Your music is totally cool with me – I like electronica as long as I’ve loved my computer hobby. Nice site! Hey do you happen to have a clean copy of “Liberation” one of my favorite oldies. Cheers from Vancouver, BC. Ron.

    Sunday, September 26th 2004 – 08:35:27 PM

    Beyond the universe code 2 is the best ambient song i have heard ever, i have listened to it houndreeds of times, its superb, det �r helt enkelt det j�vla b�sta jag har h�rt, tack f�r att du delar med dig av din helt outstanding musikalitet, Ubbe, och finns det n�t s�tt att betala f�r detta s� vill jag g�ra det, tack, Urban, sweden

    Tuesday, September 21st 2004 – 02:21:35 PM

    Hi BitBUM Your my favorite nephew I really like your Muzak Your a OK cooooollll guy prude to know U When make more good muzak for us miss you nutch.I am waiting with my Moto in yo driv way. Thank U very Mush.

    Sunday, September 19th 2004 – 04:30:18 PM

    Allo Bitburn, dsl si c’est en francais :P, Mais c’est juste pour te dite de ne pas arreter ton bon travail ds la music, j’Adore tout ce qut tu fais, et sourtout ce que tu as fais avec capital sound ::P, J’ai vraiement hate d’entendre la nouvelle chansons de BTW, avec la magnifique Roxxy, J,ai un ami qui a deja jou� du synth… pour roxxy dans un party live, il a ca sur video cassette :P, Elle est vraiment sympa cette Roxxy ,meme qu’elle lui a chant� Castle in the sky ce soir la :P, Entoucas ne lache surtout pas :P

    Wednesday, September 8th 2004 – 01:00:39 PM

    Goody goody mate!!! Supa-website!!! :) Love the java fx!!!

    Sunday, August 8th 2004 – 12:30:00 AM

    Greetings from Phoenix, AZ. Been a BTW fan for a long time..keep up the good work. Couldn’t help but notice French stop sign in picture. French Quebec? I visit Montreal 2x/Yr very cool. Au Revoir!

    Tuesday, August 3rd 2004 – 09:07:57 AM

    Bit Burn, like the updates, keep up the good work. Tx for the link. All the best.

    Monday, August 2nd 2004 – 05:31:54 PM

    ur so cute bitburn. love wut u do. ur great.

    Monday, August 2nd 2004 – 05:23:19 PM

    bitburn ur so hott.ur delicious. i love ur capital sound stuff. btw, crissie s a cutie. love you always

    Wednesday, July 28th 2004 – 01:05:39 AM

    hehe bit burn! cool site bud. i really like the new layout because i haven’t visit in a while! cee ya..

    Tuesday, July 27th 2004 – 01:17:29 PM

    //Paris Hilton
    Hello BitBurn!! I love you oooh so much!!!!

    Tuesday, July 27th 2004 – 12:21:02 PM

    Welcome y’all! Please sign my guestbook and don’t be shy to say what’s on your mind. But please don’t be rude!! ;-)

  2. Marttttt, tu fais dude!!!! Fait un méchant bout…j’lisait ton message sur ta page d’accueil, T’es écœuré de travaillé en IT?! Moi, j’ai pas le choix, je connais pas rien d’autre lol. Je suis un web developer maintenant. J’étais écœuré de travailler au helpdesk. Fatigué d’entendre les gens broyé que leur PC, printer marche pas… j’étai comme… “I don’t give a $h1t, leave me the $^%# alone!!!”. Anyway, lache pas mon Mart.


  3. Bien Oui mon Pat. Ah oui, travailler dans l’gouvernement chu tanné big! Mais c’est ça que veux-tu, l’argent est trop bonne ahaha

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