Coffee and Fruit Explosion Muffin

There lies the problem of 1000 years of ego-trippin’ people, corrupted to the bone, and no exit door in sight. There is a reason why we fail miserably in the world at pretty much everything right now. We are more caught off with each other then we have ever been before in human history. In the last 10 years we may have had breakthrough technological advancements in various area, such as medical (although we still have no cure for cancer) and computers (we now have touch devices and, well, yeah) but we have made ZERO advancement as far as human psychology or spirituality is concerned…none that we have our leaders implement to improve life on Earth for everyone anyway.

We are incapable of solving our economic problems (fucking bailouts, really?!), our society is at a crossroad – the political, monetary, religion and educational institutions are no longer working. Isn’t it obvious the system has become irrelevant and unsustainable? Change is imminent if we are to prosper on this beautiful planet.

If we don’t come together soon, and I mean really come together as one, we will destroy our environment, and ourselves, guarantee. You can’t have exponential growth forever. Can’t consume, consume, consume endlessly on a planet with finite resources! You just can’t!

Want to learn more on how we can change the world and have a truly sustainable and equalized ecosystem? Watch Zeitgeist Moving Forward. We can save ourselves from ourselves.


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