Why I Love The LG G5

Seriously though, what is wrong in the smartphone tech world? Why does the excellent G5 slip through so many people and isn’t popular? Why, why, WHY?!!! 

OK, first it’s not for everyone, I understand but, has everyone tried it or just read reviews? Is the Galaxy Note 7 and S7 that good? Is everyone holding up for the expensive iPhone 7? 

You can actually get a LG G5 for zero dollars subsidized mostly every where. Also, get a brand new one off Kijiji at 400 bucks, like I did. Or eBay cheap too. Heck, it’s much cheaper than a lot of phones and super nice. Here’s my pros and cons:

Cons: weak light sensor, phone signal fluctuate a lot to my taste but could be because of Rogers. Has too much bloatware, again maybe it’s just me. 

Pros: awesome screen, great sound for side speaker, excellent camera including wide angle shooting which is super fun. Fast. Good UI. Aesthetic I love it. Geez, so much good things for me on this phone. It’s my favourite LG phone to date. Give it a shot! 


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