Nextbit Robin is Awesome

I’ve owned several phones over the passed few years. Some say I’m crazy to switch devices so often! But, hey, I love this new hobby of mine. Plus there are so many great smartphones out there. Samsung, Sony, Apple, HTC, Huawei…and now my new favorite, the Nextbit Robin.


It’s always fun to play with new devices. This one is no exception. It’s actually been a while that I’ve enjoyed a phone this much. At 5.2″ screen size it looks great and feels really good in the hand with its squarish corners, comfortable non-slippery material and loud front facing stereo speakers.

The GUI feels fresh too, without the typical app drawer. But yet, very stock Android almost. No bloatware. No frills. Simple. Well…there are plenty of video reviews of it on YouTube. If you want a great quality budget phone, head down to the Nextbit Web site and order yours for just US$299. Peace out bitches.


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