Why Android Sucks and iOS Rocks

Welcome to my definite article, my personal experience longer than 3 months (and not a 3 minutes review off YouTube) and not sponsored by any tech companies which would affect the outcome; my ultimate non-technical guide to why the hell I have switched from an iPhone 4 (iOS 4.1) to a Samsung Captivate (Android OS 2.2). Because, make no mistake, you have to be a little crazy to make this kind of switch. And, don’t worry this review (more like a personal experience) won’t put you to sleep.

First off – Design

That’s easy, iPhone 4 wins. Why? The Captivate is made of plastic except for the flimsy battery plate made of light metal at the back, whereas the iPhone 4 is sheeted with a thick front and rear glass so it is sturdier and its metal contour is prettier than the plasticy Captivate.

Second – Features

The very reason why I wanted the Samsung Captivate is for its awesome AMOLED 4″ screen. It really is a thing of beauty the first time you see it. Resolution may not be as high as the iPhone 4 retina display but, nonetheless, it is quite sharp and 0.5″ bigger than iPhone. I also wanted to be able to mess around with various settings – Android does give you more tweak access under the hood – which is nice, of course. However, the iPhone may not be as tweakable as Android, but what Apple does with iPhone is it bring the same philosophy of all other products they make: Simplicity, elegance and works great right out of the box. Yes, Android (2.2) does all what the iPhone does… just not as simple, as smooth and as great as iPhone 4.

3rd – Performance

The Samsung Captivate running Android Froyo 2.2 performs decently on the Captivate. I am not sure about other Android devices but on my phone the performance is alright. Still, a lot of the operations can be clunkier such as opening and closing apps. But to be fair, I am mostly talking about apps which both platform run; and these run better on the iPhone. Example of some popular apps are Facebook, Twitter and the Web browser – These 3 are my favorite apps and I want them running smoooooth!

4- Battery Life

This one is simple: The iPhone 4 battery life blows away the Samsung Captivate’s by a mile. No contest. I can’t get a full day on my Captivate like I used to on iPhone 4.

5- Value

Rogers Wireless currently has the Captivate listed at $49 on a three year contract and the iPhone 4 at $159. My advice? Well unless you’re a tech nerd and love tweaking shit, bigger screen, perhaps you might wanna go for the Captivate. But if you want a device that work smoother but with limited tweakable options, then that’s obviously the iPhone 4.

List of stuff that annoys me about Samsung Captivate

  • Android OS not as refined as iOS… by a mile
  • Built-in mail and Sms apps are shit, totaly
  • A matter of fact, pretty much all of the built-in apps sucks
  • Unable to uninstall built-in apps
  • TW app launcher is weak
  • WIFI connection doesn’t always turn on when enabled
  • Weak battery life
  • The Facebook app is shitty compared to its iPhone cousin
  • Google Browser not as smooth and responsive as Safari on iPhone

List of stuff that annoys me about Apple iPhone 4

  • Small screen made me switch to the Captivate, no joke
  • Not as customizable as Android
  • Everybody has one, including people that annoy me!
  • No file manager (really Apple, I can’t browse the phone?)

Look, this is just MY personal observations but if you’ve never had an iPhone and use Android instead then you have no clue what you’re missing. The again, not everyone likes Apple products. Put it this way, the iPhone is like a Mercedes-Benz and Android is a Honda Civic. The Civic is not a bad car, far from it, but the Mercedes is quite a few notch better.

So, all Android fanboys, yes this review is biased perhaps. But I have used both devices for months and I prefer the iPhone. That’s my choice. If you don’t think so than that’s your beef. Write your comments and convince me otherwise.


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  1. Install Darky’s ROM 9.5 with the Dark Core 1.4 kernel and the battery will easily last 1 day with heavy use.

      1. I think that was a completely reasonable reply. Go to kill urself indeed. Do you have an e-book of your bold and clever comments that I could buy?

  2. Android OS not as refined as iOS… by a mile

    -matter of opinion. that being said, it’s a lot easier to refine when you shave off functionality and remove features.

    Built-in mail and Sms apps are shit, literally

    -you clearly don’t quite get the use of “literally”. I doubt those apps are “literally” lumps of feces on your phone. you mean “figuratively”

    A matter of fact, pretty much all of the built-in apps sucks

    -depends on the phone, depends on the provider.

    Unable to uninstall built-in apps

    -wrong. just plain untrue.

    TW app launcher is weak


    WIFI connection doesn’t always turn on when enabled

    -your inability to touch buttons is your own problem, not android’s

    Weak battery life

    -again, depends on the phone.

    The Facebook app is shitty compared to its iPhone cousin

    -i beg to differ

    Google Browser not as smooth and responsive as Safari on iPhone

    -see above.

    For your next experiment, why don’t you compare Androids strengths versus iOS’ weaknesses, rather than vice versa?

    1. Okay. Hook your Android up to WEP Enterprise. Go ahead.

      4 music apps on my HTC, none of which cooperate. And very primitive sync and install capabilities. All of which crash regularly.

      Non-Gmailers need not apply.

      Wifi signal in my house: 5 bars on iTouch GEN1, 2 on my HTC and my daughter’s S2.

      In my neighborhood HTC. 2 bars wife’s I phone 5.

      I was an early adopter of Android. I detest this POST. My Droid had more capabilities. They can dress this pig in big screens and crowds of fan boys, but Android has made me an iphoner.

  3. @ musicandminds, thanks for you comment!

    I ain’t going to start this exercise of why *I think* Android is inferior to iOS again. I think it is and that’s that. Plus, there is no use trying to convince Apple-haters of anything – We’re both in different universes :)

    And, you didn’t convince me at all of anything anyway, other than, well, that you prefer Android! You can easily uninstalled built-in apps? WIFI works great on the Captivate? SHOW ME.

    But thanks for pointing out my English is not always on par. I am French after all and try to do my best, hehe.

  4. Just got a Android phone for free and played a week with it. I’m used to iOS too, but not phonewise, but iPod wise. I came to the conclusion that both major mobile platforms suck. Here is why:

    – A normal computer OS is a basic system to set up to your personal needs and want to be as invisible and unobtrusive as possible. Mobile OS-es arent. They are a portal for sales. Either sales by App store, or sales by consuming your data bundle as fast as possible
    – Sign-up mayem: Everything needs an account and signup. On a PC you just bought a program and started to use it. With mobiles, this is impossible. No manual transfer of an app to your phone. Forget it
    – Endless data harvesting. Lot of mobile apps are location based. OK if it has a purpose, but at least half of the programs I used don’t do anything usefull with the location. And if you turn on GPS, but decide to leave the internet connection down, the programs won’t work. So what is the real need? To know your location, or to share a crapload of personal data without having any idea.
    – (With Android) No uninstall of apps you don’t like, and all apps stay running as long as Android likes. Facebook harvested 300kb of data in 3 days, yet I did not sign up to facebook anywhere in my life, nor started the app.
    – It is all about consuming. Creation is totally limited. The lack of keyboard makes the email app totally bothersome: you CAN read what you receive, but it results in that you 1) read e-mail all the day and 2) forget to reply. As the mails get marked read, replying is often forgotten, just because typing on a mobile sucks big time. I tried to remove my email account, but it resulted in closing all Outlook like components: my contacts were gone too, and my calender got empty again. Mail sucks on a mobile, but the Calender is one of the only handy things on your handy.
    – The nature of Apps. Apps is the web being crippled. You have to consume websites the way an App wants, and you have to install updates over and over again. You have nothing to say over ads, over data harvesting, over looks, over plugins. With Firefox with adblock, a hosts filter, CSS overrides and a good RSS reader you can consume everything that is Apped, but much better, faster, on a bigger screen and without all those crazy acounts.

    So I put my SIM with big dataplan in an old Nokia 3310. I use it for calls now.

    From my short smart phone experience I know I want the following:
    – A phone that does regular and Skype calls.
    – A phone that syncs my calender
    – A very portable photo/video camera/memo recorder
    – A portable wireless network for working on the real thing: a lightweight notebook

    That is all a phone has to do. Android/iPhone wants to do 10 times as much, 90% of which I don’t like and can’t turn off.

  5. just owned the HTC EVO 4g running android whatever for 2 weeks. I was very excited to see what the iphones compedator could do, when after two weeks I realized it is simple. Any smart, unbiased person will agree that apples iOS and iPhone is far superior, hands down. Android is flawed and unintuitive, and this is being typed on an Android phone by an unbiased customer. Don’t be ridiculous! Android had a shot and missed it hard, that’s too bad.

    Musicandminds: I can actually honestly say, you are a moron, and I feel pretty bad for you. Good luck in the future, I’ve known “people” like you……

  6. Android will lose the smart phone war for the same reasons Linux is losing the desktop war. It’s simply not user friendly for the non-geeks. Cute idea but if you are serious, stick with Apple. You’ll be glad you did.

  7. I don’t think Android is going anywhere. They have a pretty big fanbase. And, the release of the iPhone 4S didn’t quite blow anyone away, including myself. But, yeah, the new iOS 5.0 is looking solid… Now where’s my iPhone 5 with a 4.5″ screen??!

  8. Android is a total piece of crap (I found this article by Googling “Android sucks” in my frustration with dealing with my phone) – I can’t believe the reviewers speak so highly of it. As a former coder, I can’t believe how poorly it works. As somebody who knows a few Googlers, I can’t believe they can be proud of this product.

  9. Kay a few things.

    Have you tried any other android phone? Perhaps an android priced closer to the iPhone? Like the Nexus line of phones or one not using a manufacturer UI?

    ‘vanilla’ or stock android is a pleasing experience, and higher end androids with dual core processors are far smoother to me than my old iPhone3G. I’ve since been using my Nexus One and will be getting the Nexus Galaxy when it comes out. Me, while in the desktop space I’m an enthusiast and geek, on my phone I just use it as a phone, browse the web, play a game or two, and watch youtube videos. I haven’t had a single negative experience with my phone save for the Weather Channel App.

    Which wants to eat your battery. My battery life doubled after uninstalling the app. Also, Gingerbread fixed the having issues with uninstalling preloaded apps, save for the system applications. Like Messanger and phone. any other apps can be removed. Thats a Nexus for you- and Google brands the Nexus line as the phones to compete with iPhones, the rest of the android phones you might have varied experiences on. Might be faster, might be slower. Battery life just depends. But that is the nature of android.


    And a man who chooses against choice chooses against will, and therefore chooses against that which makes him sentient. Tis a thought.

    Oh and Android will fail? That explains why there are twice as many active android phones than iPhones in the world.

    1. Windows over OSX any day… Linux/BSD blows them both away. OSX’ toddler-interface reminds me of MS BOB and you can’t get shit done on it. Right out of the box the terminal lacks core functionality, the ‘package manager’ (or app store… whatever fancy word apple gives it) is a joke, decent software for mac is sparse, unless you compile BSD source on it, and that will give you shitloads of dependency problems. The hybrid kernel is just as friggin’ stable as the Fukushima reactor. It’s just one huge heap of FAIL

      1. +1 to everything you said, except comments on the Fukushima reactor. I was living in Japan at the time (work), and believe me when I say that if an earthquake and tsunami of that magnitude happened in any other country with a nuclear reactor, it’d be much worse.

        Waiting for the day I can install a truly open OS (Linux or NetBSD based, preferably) on any smartphone I buy, just like how I buy Macbooks and purify them by purging OSX and installing true FreeBSD.

  10. Android is for uneducated people and poor people use and iOS is for knowledgeable people and rich people use. So all those uneducated android fans try to bad mouth on iOS. Do you know why Apple Fanboy don’t really care? Cause most of them are rich people and they don’t give a fuck for those poor people. Android Suck anyway.

    1. Apple sukks my big balls. androids tougher,faster,cooler, have more choises, and they make the worlds toughest phone gzone commando. P.s. iphone is borring as fuck. Just watch ther commercials. It sais im borring by an android. Ha rich and knowledgable people suck a dick. Chode fuckrson

      1. Dude, do you pay any attention at all to that little red line that I’m sure must appear beneath nearly every single word you type? It means what you just typed isn’t a word. Android, Apple, whatever. You, sir, are a retard.

    2. “Android is for uneducated people”

      You are forgetting why the iPhone is so simple, so retards like you can use it and NOT confuse yourself to death.

      “…and poor people”

      That depends on the type of phone you buy. Are you buying a Galaxy SII, or a no-name phone?

    3. You sound like a twelve year old. IPhone is pretty much a dumbed down phone for dumb people. Like all those 15 year old girls. Android, in my opinion, is better in most ways. I’ve had both iPhone and android. IPhone is just so boring and dull. Android has way more customizable home screens. And its actually fun to just scroll through my galaxy s3.

  11. I’ve had 3 different android phones and I’ve come to realize this about them. Android is a sloppy OS and the only thing a user can do is spend the money to buy one that can actually run fast enough to handle it….either way you’re still stuck with a subpar OS. I’ve given google more than enough time, but they just don’t seem to get it…..

  12. Why the hell would you have a phone made of a glass front. Go to youtube a type drop test for samsung and iphone. Android wins.

  13. Both platforms suck balls!! Yes, iOS is more polished and smoother (saves a lot of processor when you don’t have true multitasking) and Android is an open platform (though it’s performance doesn’t come close to showing how fast Linux can really run)….

    The day people started thinking they needed an “app ecosystem” is the day mobile computing fucked itslf in the face. I’ll be waiting for a truly open platform. Currently the abandoned Meego Harmattan project is the best around in terms of code clenliness, open standards and structure, but too bad Nokia’s new corrupt CEO signed a deal with Microsoft. Meego still rocks, but I’m waiting for the day I can take any phone and install whatever open source OS I want, complete with repositories (fuck app stores and marketplaces).

  14. This was just a whole big pile of DUMB.

    Ironically, wordpress for iOS BLOWS, while the Android version rocks. Ditto dropbox.

    iOS people are ‘simple’ so they like simple things that barely work correctly I guess.

  15. But, yeah I guess Android does run on a gazillion devices out there. But still. In order to compare both platform you still need hardware. And I’m pretty sure all android phones run similarly, no? And this was written nearly 9 months ago, when the Captivate was hot.

  16. Could care less about what this article says. I have used both devices and i can tell you that I like my Android Samsung Captivate more even though i have only used it for literally 4 weeks.

    Had iPhones (3gs & 4s) and like what everyone says, it worked and it worked great. I thought these were the best phones on the market since everybody had them and I was sort of just going with the crowd. Phone was really good and had only minor problems. 3gs broke quite easily and I ended up having to replace the device just 2 months after I got it. Not sure if I am going to have to do that with my captivate yet, but we’ll see as time goes by.

    Bottom line is, I think Android is for people who know how to use technology better. You can tweak it and make it your own and really bring the true potential out of the phone to be ‘your device’. iPhones in my opinion are just way too overpriced and all apple has really done is market their product as THE phone to have because it ‘just works’. That literally is all it does, is ‘just works’. There’s nothing cool to discover on the iPhone since you’re stuck with what you’re given until an ios update, and even after that it is still very limited. Whereas with android, i was completely blown away by the discovery of launchers, widgets, live wallpapers, custom recovery modes. etc. I couldn’t do any of that shit on iPhone which is what I recently realized after I got my android.

    As for the Mercedes to Civic comparison, WTF. I can see maybe in looks and appearances, but i don’t think you’ve honestly used your android device to it’s true potential because you’re stuck in this mindset that it needs to be used like an iPhone, not it’s own device. You automatically assume since it does not run like an iPhone, it is worse than an iPhone. Wanna know why i say that? Because that’s what I did. I had an iPhone for 3 years just cause everyone had one and when i first got my captivate, I was like WTF, why is this thing so hard to use!!!!!!! F*%C@*#G stupid device can’t do shit all compared to the iPhone. After 1 month of using the captivate (and let’s remember this phone is 2 years older than my iPhone 4s) I could not go back to that ‘simple’ device called an iPhone 4s and ended up selling it just cause it did nothing but ‘just work’. You say you used your android device, but I really doubt it. I’m no tech nerd in any way, but android just keeps getting better and better whereas iPhones just stay the exact same way the entire time you have it. Just play around with your android device, and you’ll see what I mean. I even managed to flash ICS (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) onto my captivate and I was really impressed that I was able to accomplish such a task =).

    Androids >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> iPhones if you take the time to know it.

    1. Totally agree with you man. When touchscreen phones were a new thing I was so into it, but all I knew was Apple. I got a Ipod 2g, but even then I still used friends Iphones etc. When my sister got a Samsung Fascinate, I was completely blown away. I was so used to my Apple device, I never actually realized there was another OS out there. At the time when the captivate was hot, I guess you could say the Iphone would have still been a bit superior other than the fact that it didnt have the same screen and same customization. Now, Google improved on everything. The android market is massive, the phones are beast, and the OS upgrades are great. I have the samsung galaxy s2, and personally, I never want to go back to iOS. It’s just too boring for me, and too overrated. To all those ignorant apple fanboys, no i don’t like the android just cause its cheaper and i cant afford an iPhone. Thats the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. That’s like saying I don’t like a Ferrari because it’s too expensive. As for smoothness, I don’t have any issues with my s2. Though I do experience crashes once in a while, it really doesn’t bother me. I hate the whole simplicity thing on an iPhone. You bought a expensive as fu*k phone just so you can use it as a simple phone?? Get a blackberry with that logic! Android’s are complicated, but that’s what I love about it. You discover new things about the phone every day. As for important tasks like those you would use with the iPhone, it’s honestly not that much harder. The only thing I can complain about it is that Samsung doesn’t know how to make good looking phones. the s2 is very cheap looking, while the iPhone and Sony phones are beautiful. To the guy who wrote this article (bitburn), I respect your opinion, though I don’t agree with it. Maybe you should try Android again and see how much it has changed since you last used it. You might surprise yourself. And don’t compare everything Android does to iPhone, because they’re completely different. I don’t want any people raging at my comment. This is simply an opinion based comment, and any Apple fanboy raging back won’t affect my opinion in the slitest, it’ll only make my laugh.

  17. I too, have switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Captivate. The limitations of the iPhone made me want to try something new.

    There is truth in more customization for the Android, and the Captivate’s AMOLED screen does look great. Still, the bottom line is that Android sucks. Big time.

    First of all, Android is very demanding on hardware, and will run slow and glitchy even on the newer dual core CPUs. Yes, the hardware specs are great, but the OS is pure garbage. It is power hungry and inefficient, which is why phones like the Galaxy S II cannot get through a day without charging. Better yet, these phones cannot get through a day using just basic features sometimes, which defeats the point of owning such a device. Also, Google’s firmware updates are slow to be rolled out, and oftentimes not even available for a majority of Android devices.

    Any way you look at it, the iPhone wins. Everything from ease of use, to great battery life, to being durable and attractive looking. I have sold my Captivate at a huge loss, but I couldn’t be happier because these are not phones, they are just gadgets that boast good specs on paper, but with no meaning or relevance to real world performance or usage modes.

    For the time being, I am using a Nokia N9, and I can safely say that this is one of the two best phones that I have used, with its only downside being the lack of apps. And the other phone? Well, I will be adding an iPhone 5 to my collection when they come out. No question about it.

  18. Thanks Chuck. I couldn’t agree more. Glad you enjoy your N9. I am currently using a Samsung Focus running Windows Phone 7.5 and I must say it’s not bad at all. But I can’t wait for the iPhone 5 too :)

  19. I have a Samsung Captive and every single issue listed by Bitburn I’ve experienced and then some. I’m at a point where I want to take a hammer and smash the crappy phone. I too have had an Iphone 3g in the past. I found the Iphone to be a lot more stable and acutally worked but I hate that Apple limits functionality and they are overprice. At the same time just about every cell phone out there comes out with an unreasonable price. I think pricing is influenced greatly by the Cell Service providers so they can push contracts on us. Not to get off track here. I can’t say that Android sucks totally. It really depends on the phone you have. My brother has the Sony Ericson Arc runing Android 2.3.3 and our CPU’s are clocked the same. His phone is quite snappy and the Messenging and Email apps work well in it. I spent quite some time playing with it. it’s alot more stable then the Samsung Captivate running the same firmware. I had read somewhere that Samsung’s File System is laggy. Personally, I think that the bad Android experience that Bitburn has had, comes from the fact that he has a SAMSUNG phone which in my opinion are crappy. The crazy thing here is that I’m planing on replacing this phone before I loose all my hair and because of the stress it has given me over the past year, I’m strongly thinking about going back to the BAD APPLE.

    My advice to you Bitburn is to try Android again but on a different phone. Not a Samsung phone.

  20. Thanks Glears for the advice. It’s true I haven’t tried them all. However, I have had the Samsung Focus (WP7) for the passed few months now and I really like it….for now.

  21. So I read the article, and probably 90% of the comment (fluff hostility and actual contributing people) section, so here’s my thoughts.

    First off, Android, does not suck. Secondly, iOS, does not suck. It comes down to a simple matter of preference and what exactly you want out of your smartphone. Android has more appeal to the techy with it’s great customization aspects and open source (for the most part) freedom. Meanwhile iOS has that Apple label and overall easy to use functionality. Seriously, practically anybody can pick up an iPhone and easily figure it out in just a few minutes. Android however, has a little more of a learning curve. Apple has also been in this game longer than Google; well, at least the hardware side of things. Google is a software and webapp company, with branches into many other areas of interest all over the world. How many physical products have you seen on the shelf with the Google logo slapped on them? Not many. Meanwhile, Apple has been in the hardware AND software realm of things for nearly 40 years. They have taken an overall simplistic, appealing, and user-friendly stance towards how they design and market their products.

    Now then, I’m far from an Apple fan-boy. I do however, like Apple products, namely the iPod. I haven’t used an iPhone as an everyday phone like many, but I have played around with them and delved into the iOS enough (courtesy of my iPod touch) to know how great of a product Apple makes when they make something. But Android and Google are something different. Android is meant to be something of a net, encompassing many different devices and uniting them under one OS. Meanwhile, iOS has its parent devices and others in the same family, made under ONE manufacturer. You can pick up an Android phone made by Samsung and then one by HTC, and you can make a safe bet that one will out perform the other. Why? Because they are 2 different companies with 2 different sets of standards for their product. My first smartphone ever was the HTC Incredible. Absolutely brilliant phone and ran the Android OS like a boss. Meanwhile, a buddy of mine had an original Droid. My phone could out perform his any day, although we were both running the same version of the same Android OS. The difference was in the manufacturer; mine had a better processor, more RAM, etc. Android phones can compete on different level and SHOULD NEVER ALL BE ENCOMPASSED AS A WHOLE. One Android phone cannot represent all Android phones. It’s just the way the OS works. However, one iPhone is like every other iPhone (jailbreaking and other modifications aside) and that’s how Apple wanted it to be. And it all comes down to money, but that’s a different conversation in itself.

    So…my point is that each has things it does better than the other, but they’re two totally different OS’ that appeal to two totally different crowds. I personally would not want an iPhone unless I jailbroke it because I’m a fan of being able to make things mine, customize it to my liking, make it do what I WANT it to do and not necessarily what it was intended to do. However, Apple has a great design and a great product iwth their iPhones and iOS, but I’ll probably remain an Android fan from here on out. Android just fits me better as a mobile OS. :)

  22. Hello Justin B.
    I like your point of view and you’re absolutely right: It is a matter of preference. And obviously I haven’t tried all Android devices out there and surely some are better than others. But that also is a problem – So many Android devices out there; credibility takes a hit. So many variant. That can’t be good and I hope Google acknowledges this. They should worry about that a little, perhaps.

    1. Funny how no one is comparing Android and iOS to Windows Phone 7.

      Android is highly fragmented, with multiple different versions of the OS. The OS is also carrier dependent for software updates.

      iOS runs smoother and is easily updated thru iTunes or WiFi. Apply supplies the updates themselves.

      Windows Phone 7 works in a similar way to iOS. Microsoft supplies the updates themselves, and everything is approved by them before going into the WP7 Marketplace.

  23. Android is fragmented with the different OS versions that are available. Google does a poor job with supplying updates, which are mostly carrier-dependent.

    With iPhone and Windows Phone 7, everything is updated automatically, and is done so on time. Microsoft and Apple make it simple to update your OS without having to wait for a carrier to release it.

    On the iPhone, you update thru iTunes by syncing to your PC. The process is quick and simple.

    You update a WP7 by syncing with the Zune software. While this isn’t as easy as the iPhone, it still beats having to wait for the cellular carrier to put any updates on their network.

    1. I find it highly ironic that Google can release the simple and resource-lite Chrome browser, but then they make Android which is taxing on system memory and buggy.

  24. I agree with you tendoboy1984,
    I am personally using the Samsung Focus (WP7) and it is much nicer than the mass might think. A lot closer to iOS in terms of performance, ease of use and stability (actually, better!). Plus, the update mechanism works great (indeed, not dependent of the carrier), can’t complain. Very nice platform this Windows Phone 7.5.

  25. I think it’s embarrassing that most of the Android users sounds like teenagers who dropped out of school. I have never had an iphone, but I want one. Basically… my phone dies every day, it does not has instagram (i know…silly… but I want it), and it freezes (so frustrating). There are some cool things that Android has that iphone does not, and I would miss that… however I think bottom line for most people is:
    -I want my phone to work efficiently, meaning not take forever to open and close apps or look up a number, etc.
    -Everyone has one…. (cool or not that this is the case) being able to connect on the same user face that your friends do and open files, etc that they send you.
    -TEXTING is sooooo much easier on an iphone!!!!!!! Biggest peev besides the battery life.

  26. So I’m now using the Nokia Lumia 710 with WP7. I’ve got to say, I’m quite pleased with the OS. I’ve had an Iphone and an Android phone. So I’ve had enough experience using them all with the exception of my new 1 month old phone. This WP7 seems to be the most effecient phone I’ve owned yet. It’s very fast and the main phone features like (call, sms, browswer, email, Music ) work very well with no lag. Sure the WP7 lacks a handfull of features that Android has and Iphone has but I find it to be a good trade off. Less junk to slow things down. Oh ya one good thing, my battery has lasted me longer than my Android ever did. Can’t speak for the newer Iphone’s as I had a 3G. WP7 is a phone that just works!!

  27. I have an Samsung Galaxy S as my phone, and an iPad 2, well, just as a tablet.
    I think the good things in Android is the way you can make things feel like they’re yours; You can see hundreds of Galaxy S’ all looking totally different from inside.
    Without root (superuser, system administrator access, usually does not come in stock) you can change the launcher (the thing you start apps from) and customize it. You can browse your phone’s folders if you like, install any apps from the web etc. If you know how to do proper, I repeat, PROPER task killing and use Juicedefender, your battery will last well! If you don’t like some app of the phone (the dialer, contacts, calendar, the keyboard, launcher) you can just use a replacement!
    But, every bit of the phone can be tweaked if enough knowledge and time. If you have rooted your phone, you can also uninstall every single application on your phone with third party apps (Titanium Backup) but it’s also easier to mess your phone up – but also FULL backups are supported (every single bit of the phone’s OS and apps). You can tweak it, you can browse system folders and so on. If you know how to flash a third party firmware, you can get a more working phone – and updates when your phone becomes “too old” that still run like nothing. But there’s always that small possibility to break your device, or “brick” it, when it gains the functionality of a brick. But, you can just Google ICS (android 4.0) for Samsung Galaxy S and see how well this “too old device” runs it. So, from this, I get to the offical firmware updating processes that are difficult just because the carrier decides about the updates: And this I think should be more like WP7 or iOS because it’s made much easier (and I don’t really find KIES that reliable).

    The way iPad and iDevices work is simple and you’ll get to know your device just out of the box easily, but you will have limitations in every way. The way iPad doesn’t provide “real” multitasking makes the apps run smooth, and this is one thing I sometimes wish my Android had. Jailbreaking is an option andd gets you more access, but nowhere near as Android. And, after the device going “too old”, you must buy a new overpriced device if you ever want to update the OS. But, it’s easy to update as long as it can be updated.

    This could be a lot what it is: If you want a PC-like device, want to hack the phone or just a lot of customizing, select Android. If you want a very simple device that just works, select iOS.

    As said, android devices vary a lot. The current best experience probably would be in Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Nexus (this one has the clean android without carrier rubbish).

  28. I agree with the observations in the article and then some. My first computer, a Macintosh purchased in the early 1990s, was a piece of junk; I’ve resented Apple since and decided to give their main competition (Android) a shot for my first smart phone. I’m waiting eagerly for my 3-year contract to expire on my Android phone so I can switch to an iPhone.

  29. 2 weeks ago I bought an Android, Galaxy Note. Since then I’ve wanted to stick led through my eyeball sockets until I can’t feel my brain’s frustration anymore, either that or I’m throwing this off the CN Tower in hopes that it “accidently” hits a Google mobile OS employee

  30. so a small heavy phone made by a moron who claim himself a new da vinci (with morons that follow him) make the android wrost? b*** please i can write whatever da hell i want on whatsapp for free, and donwload a bunch of stuff for free, i can make modifications to my os, download at a high speed videos on youtube, btw, battery is low? so what i have a charger and if the battery die i only have to buy a new one and put it myself =) like everything on mac its useless and its made to make money after you already buy it

  31. You’re an iSheep. You compared an iPhone to a Samsung; which has absolutely nothing to do with their respective operating systems. Erch I hate virgins.

  32. Thank you James for your kind words of wisdom. It’s an old post and I believe that the Captivate was a very popular device at the time I wrote it and could easily be compared to the iPhone 4.

    I think with Ice Cream Sandwich however Android has gotten a lot better. I currently use a Windows Phone but wouldn’t mind that HTC One X right now.

  33. My word! What a great debate! I’ve almost made up my mind that I’m gonna’ buy a Galaxy S3 this month. As it’s (probably ‘was’ would be more preferable now) gonna be my first ever smartphone, I spent hours in the internet watching & reading it’s reviews. And frankly I was quite satisfied. But thinking about the disadvantages of the Android OS over the iOS & of course of the upcoming iPhone 5, I’m feeling really really confused now. What should I do? Buy GS3 or wait for iPhone 5? QUESTION FOR BITBURN. honest reply would be appreciated.. :)

    1. Hello Pritam,
      I was asking myself the same question lately: wait for iPhone 5 or go Android now!? Well, I decided to go Android and bought the HTC One X. There was no way I was gonna get the IPhone 4S. But, really what motivated me was that I wanted a large screen. And this 4.7″ on the One X is sublime! I’m sure the S3 too must be nice. Your move ;)

  34. jailbreak the iPhone and that’s all you need as far as tweaking (comes with file manager). There is no file manager built into iPhone devices because Apple doesn’t want you snooping around in the file directory thus creating a window to “hack” or tweak the operating system (Apple does not like this).

  35. I kind of agree with you on some points for the ease of use, the iphone might be better for people who wants something on the go, its more directed to everyone who doesn’t want to go in deeper details of all kinds of stuff but just wants a smartphone that’s easy to use :) (simple design and easy to navigate)
    Perhaps, Android is more directed to deeper guys (and maybe girls) you sometimes need a bit of documentation for some things. But it’s mostly used by homebrewers and exploiters, aswell as normal people.

    Think of it this way, one is smart designed for less smart people and one is complicated designed for smart people.

    I wouldn’t really Conclude which is better or which as it depends on the user and what version or what suits them best.

    I’ve had both the iphone 4 and the samsung captivate (which runs on android 4.1 now) and they’re both great in their own ways.

    Cheers (:

  36. Goddamn the Iphone 4 sucks. I haven’t used the newest one but it has so many similar problems like no storage expansion, are you freaking kidding me? Connecting the phone to your computer to do simply things is so much of a pain in the ass than with an Android. Not to mention the uselessness of the Safari browser. I also hate having to always login to download apps. And this is just me using it for a couple days. Nevertheless, I cannot understand the Apple fad.

  37. Here’s a list of all the smartphones I’ve ever used in order: Motorola Droid 1, Motorola Droid RAZR, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Apple iPhone 4, Apple iPhone 4S, Apple iPhone 5S and LG G4. For a few months, I had the iPhone 4 (work phone) and the Droid RAZR. Then, I had the iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus. I gave the Galaxy Nexus to my son and for the last 3 years, I used only the iPhone. Let me just stop you here before you think it’s because I liked the iPhone more. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s because I couldn’t justify having a cell phone bill when I had a perfectly good, company-provided cell phone. Well… the iPhone is such a piece of crap that I decided having an Android phone and the relief that goes along with it is well worth the cell phone bill. Given the fact that I’ve used both iPhones and Android phones, each for more than 3 years (using both at the same time as well as periods when I used only one or the other), I would say that qualifies my opinion as being solid. I’ve seen numerous updates for both operating systems and if I were to do a “shoot-out article” comparing the two operating systems, mine wouldn’t end up with a typical (or, more accurately, expected) conclusion… far from it, in fact. It would be highly lopsided in favor of Android phones. I’d rather have a Droid 1 than an iPhone. I gave them both a “fair shake” and the iPhone is just crap! Only those without a technical bone in their bodies or those just want to be “trendy” would choose the iPhone. The truth is, boys and girls… the “trend” has shifted: more and more are ditching the piece-of-crap iPhone for Android phones. It seems I’m not the only one getting tired of Apple’s iCrap.

  38. android phones are way better cuz u can:
    1 download stuff(music games) from dah internet
    2 U CAN uninstal default apps if u know how
    3 apple device cost nearly 3x more than android ones
    4 android runs smooth and fast

    (comparing samsung galaxy s4 (cool) and iphone 5 (not so cool))

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