The Divorce

On January 2 of 2003 I was dumped after nine years of mixed common law and marriage life. It was very very hard for the next three months. Cried a lot, broken to pieces, felt like I was left for dead. Deeply heartbroken.

But, after that three months I started living again, a totally new and different life. It was really awesome. The next few years were absolutely amazing.

Point of this post: Relax and enjoy the ride as much as you can. Because you never know what’s gonna happen.


Coffee and Fruit Explosion Muffin

There lies the problem of 1000 years of ego-trippin’ people, corrupted to the bone, and no exit door in sight. There is a reason why we fail miserably in the world at pretty much everything right now. We are more caught off with each other then we have ever been before in human history. In the last 10 years we may have had breakthrough technological advancements in various area, such as medical (although we still have no cure for cancer) and computers (we now have touch devices and, well, yeah) but we have made ZERO advancement as far as human psychology or spirituality is concerned…none that we have our leaders implement to improve life on Earth for everyone anyway.

We are incapable of solving our economic problems (fucking bailouts, really?!), our society is at a crossroad – the political, monetary, religion and educational institutions are no longer working. Isn’t it obvious the system has become irrelevant and unsustainable? Change is imminent if we are to prosper on this beautiful planet.

If we don’t come together soon, and I mean really come together as one, we will destroy our environment, and ourselves, guarantee. You can’t have exponential growth forever. Can’t consume, consume, consume endlessly on a planet with finite resources! You just can’t!

Want to learn more on how we can change the world and have a truly sustainable and equalized ecosystem? Watch Zeitgeist Moving Forward. We can save ourselves from ourselves.

Why I Love The LG G5

Seriously though, what is wrong in the smartphone tech world? Why does the excellent G5 slip through so many people and isn’t popular? Why, why, WHY?!!! 

OK, first it’s not for everyone, I understand but, has everyone tried it or just read reviews? Is the Galaxy Note 7 and S7 that good? Is everyone holding up for the expensive iPhone 7? 

You can actually get a LG G5 for zero dollars subsidized mostly every where. Also, get a brand new one off Kijiji at 400 bucks, like I did. Or eBay cheap too. Heck, it’s much cheaper than a lot of phones and super nice. Here’s my pros and cons:

Cons: weak light sensor, phone signal fluctuate a lot to my taste but could be because of Rogers. Has too much bloatware, again maybe it’s just me. 

Pros: awesome screen, great sound for side speaker, excellent camera including wide angle shooting which is super fun. Fast. Good UI. Aesthetic I love it. Geez, so much good things for me on this phone. It’s my favourite LG phone to date. Give it a shot! 

The End of

After more than 15 years since I’ve owned the domain name the rumors heard are true: I am not renewing this DNS come August 8. 

The site will remain operational, of course. Free hosting from WordPress stays and the address to access this site will simply be as usual. 

Nextbit Robin is Awesome

I’ve owned several phones over the passed few years. Some say I’m crazy to switch devices so often! But, hey, I love this new hobby of mine. Plus there are so many great smartphones out there. Samsung, Sony, Apple, HTC, Huawei…and now my new favorite, the Nextbit Robin.


It’s always fun to play with new devices. This one is no exception. It’s actually been a while that I’ve enjoyed a phone this much. At 5.2″ screen size it looks great and feels really good in the hand with its squarish corners, comfortable non-slippery material and loud front facing stereo speakers.

The GUI feels fresh too, without the typical app drawer. But yet, very stock Android almost. No bloatware. No frills. Simple. Well…there are plenty of video reviews of it on YouTube. If you want a great quality budget phone, head down to the Nextbit Web site and order yours for just US$299. Peace out bitches.

Using The Nexus 6P


For the past few days, the Nexus 6P has been my daily driver. What a phone it is! Beautiful built, big bright screen, great stereo speakers, awesome Marshmallow 6.0.1 looking, eh, identical to my previous daily driver, the Motorola Nexus 6. Like, the same! Well…

The thing is, if you do have the old Nexus 6 and don’t mind the monster size of it, keep it. Don’t upgrade to a 6P. Motorola knew what they were doing and Huawei just copied the Nexus 6 and improved on its size and added a fancy finger scanner and USB-C port.

I think we’re starting to see a device saturation. They’re all equally awesome and all have cool features. Even iPhone. So your last year’s device is still probably good enough for 2016.

Windows Phone is Dead

I read an interesting piece this pass weekend from The Verge website, about Windows Phone being dead and, you know what, the article is pretty good. Those tards in Redmond seems to be giving up on Windows Phone; now called Windows 10 Mobile.

Last summer I’ve purchased the BLU Win HD LTE and was expecting Windows 10 Mobile to be rolled out to all in the fall, when the Lumia 950 was released but, no. No rollout. Not yet. Not ever it seems. And I remember about 5 years ago of this “iPhone is dead” bullshit from Microsoft…


It’s YOU Microsoft that is dead! You and your Windows Phone. Sorry, but I needed to express my frustrations!

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